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The Black Power Couple

  • Medgar Evers College (President's Conference Center) 1650 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11225 United States (map)

There is a palpable divide between the sexes within our community, and as a result we are broken. But who's to blame?  

Recently, we have been blessed with the iconic images of the Obamas and their unwavering commitment to each other as they rose to, and excelled in the most prominent position in the western world. The Obamas portrayed a view of the kind of strength we as a people possess when we operate as a potent family unit, which is not an image often seen in mainstream media. An image of Power, they are strong individually and even stronger together. 

So what does it really take to become part of a Power Couple? Are we living up to gender stereotypes that hinders us? How do we communicate with, and socialize with each other and how is it making or breaking us as a people? 

Let's explore these questions and more at the Black Power Couple round table discussion. You will never look at the black couple the same again.